College Students and Prescribed Drug Dependency

1 in 5 college students have confessed to leisure use of Adderall to assist them focus or focus in their courses. As one student put it, professional athletes use steroids; individuals who are depressed use stimulants and students utilize Adderall.

Similar to other compound, Adderall has the capacity for addiction when abused. People who take Adderall with other medication and alcohol can suffer serious health problems. Individuals who overdose on the drug can suffer long-term mental retardation and heart failure.

Obviously a concern that is being asked by students who do not make use of Adderall to obtain ahead is whether or not it is fair. If athletes who cheat by using steroids (look at exactly what occurred to Lance Armstrong) are punished, then why are the students who cheat by utilizing Adderall not treated the same?

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Adderall impacts the central nervous system and is utilized to treat ADHD or attention deficit disorder and in specific cases narcolepsy (a sleep condition), depression and weight problems. On a lot of college campuses in the U.S., Adderall abuse has become a problem as the drug is known as the research study drug. Unfortunately, the drug has been provided like sweet to lots of students merely due to the fact that they have reported having trouble concentrating and focusing at school. In effect, ADHD has become the catch all for lots of signs - genuine or pictured.

Adderall users report a boost in concentration, motivation, focus and a sense of ecstasy. When the effect subsides, Adderall users reported a crash sensation of being exhausted, depressed and irritated. Students who use claim to be able to read numerous pages and to be able to write 20 page documents in a single sitting in addition to having the ability to pull all-nighters to study for tests. Since it allows an increase in concentration, the drug prohibits interruptions.

When taken as directed and for the appropriate factors (definition in individuals who truly have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Adderall is very effective at alleviating the signs of ADHD. Nevertheless, when mistreated, the drug can have detrimental results on the individual's long term health. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 6.4 percent of college students confessed to using Adderall and a frustrating 89.9 percent of students that abuse Adderall also reported abusing alcohol.